About Us

At Murdoch Childrens Research Institute our world class researchers are making a real difference to the health of children.

Murdoch Childrens undertakes research into infant, child and adolescent health.  As the largest child health research institute in Australia, our 1500 researchers are working hard to translate the knowledge we create from our research into effective prevention, early intervention and treatments for children.  We strive for a healthier community, fewer sick kids visiting hospitals, and the best possible care for children who unfortunately become ill.

The Murdoch Childrens has a proud history of scientific discovery since its inception in 1986, and is currently based at The Royal Children’s Hospital in Parkville, Melbourne.

Our research studies the health of communities, to understand the factors that affect child health and its management at the population level. Part of what we do examines the complex interplay of social, environmental, and biological factors that influence child health. We look at important health problems in children such as allergies, common infections and immune conditions both locally and globally.

The dedicated team investigate how cells function in healthy children and in those affected by disease. We also undertake research into how alterations in genes affect the health of children and work to uncover the genetic basis of disease to understand the causes and improve the management of genetic conditions. 

Working alongside doctors and nurses, our researchers focuses on the clinical care of sick or hurt kids when they come to hospital, particularly when they have serious, acute or chronic illness. We also consider the mental and psychological wellbeing of those who undergo clinical care.

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Constitution of Murdoch Childrens Research Institute

Accepted 11th October 2006
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