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GenV is a research initiative designed to advance health and wellbeing in smarter and faster ways, designed to answer multiple questions such as preterm birth, mental illness, obesity, learning, allergies and more.

Why GenV is significant to research

GenV’s primary objective is to create large, parallel whole-of-state birth and parent cohorts for discovery and interventional research.

It will enable researchers to explore the issues affecting Victoria’s children and their families with greater speed and precision than we can today, allowing them to explore the critical links between environmental exposures, genome (genetics), physical characteristics and later outcomes across the life course.

GenV will generate translatable evidence — including novel approaches to prediction, prevention, treatments, and services — to improve future wellbeing and reduce the future disease burden of all children and the adults they become.

GenV’s focus areas

GenV has developed a Focus Area Framework comprising six defined areas that frequently impact on children, parents, families and the community. The six focus areas have been identified for their burden, cost and slow progress, with inequity and vulnerability as overarching themes. These focus areas are not intended to be exclusive or definitive, but to help guide and organise the initial work of GenV.

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