It consists of five modules that provide an overview of childhood learning and development for those aged 0 to 8, and was developed by the Centre for Community Child Health in partnership with the Government, early childhood experts and experienced practitioners.

Laying the Foundations eLearning provides an overview of early childhood learning and development from 0-8 years, with a clear focus on the dynamic interaction between child health, learning, development and wellbeing. 

The course is informed by the science of early brain development, current research and practice-based evidence; and provides multiple interactive learning opportunities with current information and resources about young children and their families. Multi-media elements, case studies, guided discussion points and skills-based activities are embedded throughout the modules. Participants are encouraged to reflect on their practice and review how they support children and families through practice questions and exercises.

The course aligns with current early years quality frameworks, comprising the National Quality Standard and Framework, the Early Years Learning Framework, the Victorian Early Years Learning and Development Framework and the Framework for School Age Care. 


Module 1: Child learning and development current perspectives on child health, learning, development and wellbeing.
Module 2: More about child learning and development factors that impact child health, learning, development and wellbeing, and parent wellbeing and family functioning.
Module 3: Prenatal to three years of becoming curious about people and the world around them.
Module 4: Learning and development three to five years – participating in an expanding social world.
Module 5: Five to eight years towards greater independence.

Each module will take between 20-40 minutes to complete. You can log out of this self-paced program and return at a later stage. Access is provided for 12 months. A bookmark feature means you can save and exit a module as needed and return where you left off.


The cost of the complete course (Modules 1-5) is $140 + GST. You can also choose to purchase a bundle of modules that best suits your needs.