Sue Hunt AM, CEO of The Royal Children's Hospital Foundation. 

MCRI applauds Sue Hunt AM for her illustrious 13-year journey as CEO of The Royal Children's Hospital (RCH) Foundation.

Sue has announced she is stepping down as of March 2024. Her outstanding leadership and unwavering commitment to children's health will leave an indelible mark on the Foundation.

Under Sue's visionary stewardship, the Foundation underwent a remarkable transformation that surpassed all expectations. Her relentless efforts resulted in significant income growth and the establishment of a Grants Program, allowing the RCH Foundation to address emerging clinical needs, fund groundbreaking research initiatives like GenV, nurture emerging research leaders like the Clinician-Science Fellows, and recruit academic leaders to drive innovation at the Melbourne Children’s Campus. Sue has been a driving force behind our shared mission to change the future of child and adolescent health.

Sue's dedication and professionalism have touched the hearts of many, forging connections with donors and fundraisers throughout our community. She has consistently brought a compassionate approach to philanthropy, making everyone feel valued and empowered to contribute to this noble cause.

As Sue embarks on her next chapter, she carries with her the enduring legacy of the Foundation and the Melbourne Children’s Campus, as well as the cherished memories of the incredible people she has worked with on the board, in the Foundation team, and among our invaluable partners and supporters. Her departure, while bittersweet, is an opportunity for her to explore new avenues for contributing to the Victorian community.

We extend our heartfelt congratulations to Sue Hunt AM for her extraordinary contribution and commitment to the well-being of children.