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For decades, Murdoch Children’s has been helping families get the sleep they need for healthy development. Our pioneering, globally recognised sleep strategies have been supporting one in three Australian children who have trouble sleeping to form good sleeping habits. Habits that are essential to their health, wellbeing, development and learning.

In 2022, Murdoch Children’s was thrilled to bring these sleep strategies to even more families through the ground-breaking ‘Sleep with Kip™’ book series. And now we’re excited to launch a partnership with Cotton on Kids to see ‘Sleep with Kip™’ come to life even further!

Starting today, a special collection of the Sleep with Kip™ book series will be available online through Cotton on Kids along with an exclusive sleepwear and accessories range featuring Kip and friends. So not only can kids be entertained while learning to sleep better but now they can stay cool and comfortable while doing it!

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Image: Two children reading a Sleep With Kip™ book

The Sleep with Kip™ book series turns decades of research into six entertaining stories each based on a specific sleep strategy to improve sleep behaviour in children. Pioneered by Professor Harriet Hiscock and her team, along with the support of Murdoch Children’s Innovation team, the books provide a fun and engaging way for parents and caregivers to manage common sleep problems in children.

Professor Hiscock is passionate about translating research in a way that will resonate with families and she believes ‘Sleep with Kip™’ is a perfect example of how innovation can drive research impact in communities.

“I’m immensely proud of Sleep with Kip™ and the work the Innovation team did to help bring this book series to life. We know our sleep strategies work, so to be able to make them more accessible to families in a way that is fun and friendly means we can see more children live healthier and more fulfilling lives thanks to improved sleep,” said Professor Hiscock.

“We are so excited to partner with Cotton on Kids to enhance our mission to enable more families to benefit from our evidence-based sleep techniques.”

Craig Webb, Cotton On Kids Product Brand Manager said, “Here at Cotton On Kids, we are not only for children but also for Mum and Dad. That’s why we teamed up with Murdoch Children’s Research Institute, which has been pioneering sleep strategies for more than two decades. We want to help encourage healthy sleep routines with our little ones and give Mum and Dad a well-deserved night’s rest as well.”

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Image: The Sleep With Kip™ range