Dr Catherine Satzke

Wishing a big congratulations to MCRI's Dr Catherine Satzke, who has received the prestigious Frank Fenner award from the Australian Society for Microbiology!

The national award, given to only two recipients each year, recognises distinguished contributions to Australian research in microbiology by scientists in a formative stage of their career.

Catherine, a Senior Research Fellow in the Pneumococcal Research group, studies the relationship between carriage of pneumococci bacteria, disease and vaccination, as well as measuring the impact of vaccines globally.

She led the PneuCarriage project, which identified the best pneumococcal serotyping method. The two top-performing methods have been established in Melbourne and South Africa, and are being used across several studies to determine the impact of pneumococcal vaccines in the Asia Pacific region.

Catherine will be presented with the award at the Australian Society for Microbiology Annual Scientific Meeting in July.

"I'm very excited and honoured to receive this award, it's well known in the field and some of my microbiology heroes have been previous recipients," said Catherine.

"It will be a great opportunity to attend and present at the national meeting, where I will be able to share some of our exciting work!"

Read more about Catherine's work: