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Murdoch Children’s Research Institute researcher and Australian Genomics Managing Director Tiffany Boughtwood has been appointed to the World Health Organization’s (WHO) new Technical Advisory Group on Genomics (TAG-G).

Tiffany BoughtwoodTAG-G was established in September 2023 after the WHO’s Science Council identified the benefits of genomics on personal and public health as the focus of its first report.

A total of 15 genomics leaders have been named as TAG-G members, with their main responsibilities involving improving global access to genomics knowledge and technology, as well as providing expert advice on the topic.

Each of these genomic specialists will help the WHO work towards key recommendations made by the Science Council, with the inaugural TAG-G meeting held in October 2023. 

This appointed TAG-G team will also support the adoption of genomics globally through promotion and advocacy, support new methodologies, collaborate with other global experts and address the ethical, legal and social issues raised by genomics.

Tiffany will also work with her fellow group members to provide technical advice, recommend priority activities, contribute to meaningful discussions and assess the process of genomics globally – with a focus on low-and-middle-income countries.

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