Genomics and Personalised Medicine

As we find out more about our genes and how we react differently to diseases and to treatment, personalised medicine becomes increasingly important. Genomic medicine is the use of genomic information in clinical decision-making and patient care. This type of personalised medicine can be used to support more accurate diagnosis and prognosis, to identify patients at a greater risk of disease or complications, to select and prioritise therapy and in the prevention and control of outbreaks of infections.

Murdoch Children's has always been at the forefront of genetics and, using in-house genetic technologies, our researchers have been able to discover many new disease genes. Gene discovery is the first step towards developing effective treatments. However, whilst this technology is being used in a research laboratory setting, these dramatic advances in genomic research are not yet routinely available in the clinical setting.

What genomic medicine offers children and families


Melbourne Genomics Health Alliance

Murdoch Children's Research Institute is a proud member of the Melbourne Genomics Health Alliance, which brings together genomics expertise and resources from across Melbourne.

The Alliance links the clinical, research and teaching strengths of its seven founding members to integrate genomic medicine into everyday healthcare for the betterment of patients. The Alliance is clinically driven, with all decision making guided by clinical principles and with patient preference and welfare front-of-mind. A key motivation for the creation of the Alliance is the ethical sharing of clinical genomic data from multiple accredited testing laboratories.

Members of the Alliance include:

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