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International Childhood Cancer Cohort Consortium (I4C)

Research project

Murdoch Children's Research Institute is playing a key role in the world's largest study into childhood cancer.

Finding Causes of Childhood Cancer

This innovative study possibly provides the greatest opportunity for finding a preventable cause of childhood cancer. It aims to examine associations between environmental exposures and the incidence of childhood cancers by pooling prospective population data from one million pregnant mothers and their babies.

International Collaboration

Around the world, several large infant/child prospective studies have been launched to examine environmental and biological determinants of common diseases. The rarity of virtually all forms of childhood cancer, however, prevent even large cohort studies from examining the possible relationship of common exposures with common types of childhood cancer due to inadequate sample size.

Murdoch Children's Research Institute's Role

Murdoch Children's Research Institute has had a major role in the study concept and planning and is functioning as the I4C International Data Coordinating Centre. Data is being pooled and analysed to examine environmental and genetic factors that differ between those children who get cancer and those who don't.

The International Data Coordinating Centre is under the direction of Professor Terry Dwyer and includes Dr Gabriella Tikellis as Project Manager and Mr Luke Stevens as Data Management Coordinator.

The I4C Team associated with the Murdoch Children's Research Institute:

Principle Investigator 
Terry Dwyer

Project Manager
Gabriella Tikellis

Lead Epidemiologist
Anne-Louise Ponsonby

Data Management Coordinator
Luke Stevens

Epigenetic Consultant
Richard Saffery

Statistical Support

Statistical Advisor
Stan Lemeshow

Senior Biostatistician
Gary Phillips


Further Information


The I4C wish to acknowledge the following funding partners: