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LongSTEPPP Project

Research project

LongSTEPPP Project, periods shouldn't ruin your life

What is LongSTEPPP?

Most young people who have periods will experience some period pain. For some, it is manageable and will not change normal day to day activities. For others, the pain they experience will stop them from doing everyday activities; this could mean missing school, work, sporting, and social activities.

We believe that periods shouldn't ruin your life.

This project is looking at how periods, period and pelvic pain, and/or endometriosis, affects young people’s lives. We want to know what things are important to young people, about the type of pain you might experience, any associated symptoms such as cramping, and any treatments you may have tried for periods.

Who can take part?

  • Young people aged 12-18 years old
  • If your periods started at least 3 months ago
  • You live in Australia

Who cannot take part?

  • If you haven’t started having your periods

What will I be asked to do?

  • Participate in a brief questionnaire about your periods to decide if you’re eligible to participate
  • Complete an online survey about periods
  • If you would like to volunteer for a focus group to talk more about periods

How can I find out more?

If you have any questions about the study, please contact Dr Courtney Munro at 03 9345 5730 or at