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This international observational study will provide a landscape analysis of paediatric sepsis across countries with access to different healthcare resources.


SENTINEL International is a 12-month, multi-country, multicentre study of children with suspected community-acquired sepsis. The study will take place in low- and middle-income countries and some high-income countries. The study will involve children aged zero to less than 18 years with suspected sepsis presenting to the emergency departments of the participating centres.

This study will use established processes and materials developed for the SENTINEL study, which is currently being carried out at 12 centres in Australia and New Zealand through the Paediatric Research in Emergency Departments International Collaborative (PREDICT) research network.

Our goal is to prepare for larger scale international interventional sepsis studies in children.


The PREDICT Network has the resources to collect, clean, and analyse data for this study. SENTINEL Study: Sepsis Epidemiology in Australian and New Zealand Children and SENTINEL International are based at Murdoch Children’s Research Institute (MCRI).

Related studies

SENTINEL Study: Sepsis Epidemiology in Australian and New Zealand Children

PREDICT has just completed enrolment in the SENTINEL study which enrolled more than 6,000 children aged zero to less than 18 years who presented to 12 emergency departments in Australia and New Zealand with suspected sepsis.

SENTINEL collected data on how often paediatric sepsis occurs in different people and why, symptoms, severity of disease, management and outcomes. The research also included an assessment of parent concerns and a follow up at three months. Our aim is to identify sepsis earlier based on severity of disease and outcome data.


The study is funded through an existing National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) grant, and will provide some support for sites in low and middle income.

Funded study sites will be identified and undergo study onboarding in mid-2024. Screening and data entry will be conducted in late 2024. We anticipate data cleaning and analysis to take place in early 2025, with subsequent publication of study findings.

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Sepsis Epidemiology in Paediatric Acute Care International (SENTINEL) Study
Murdoch Children's Research Institute
The Royal Children's Hospital
50 Flemington Road
Parkville VIC 3052

Email: [email protected]

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