The Research Team

Professor Dinah Reddihough 

Professor Dinah Reddihough was the Director of Developmental Medicine at the Royal Children’s Hospital between 1986-2011. She is involved in the clinical care of children with disabilities, particularly those with cerebral palsy and intellectual disability.

Professor Reddihough established the Victorian Cerebral Palsy Register in the 1980's. It has grown to be one of the largest cerebral palsy databases both nationally and internationally, and is the basis for many of the studies that are undertaken by the Developmental Disability and Rehabilitation Research Group at Murdoch Children's.It is also used by others undertaking cerebral palsy research in Victoria and interstate. The Register has been used in 65 studies to date, resulting in 65 publications.

Sue Reid Sue Reid is the Manager of the Victorian Cerebral Palsy Register. She trained and worked as a    physiotherapist, and subsequently completed a Master degree in Clinical Epidemiology and a PhD  on the epidemiology of cerebral palsy in Victoria. Sue's main research interest is the epidemiology  of cerebral palsy, and she currently holds a National Health and Medical Research          Council (NHMRC) Early Career Fellowship and a NHMRC project grant on improving our  understanding of  the causes of cerebral palsy.

Elaine Meehan Elaine Meehan is the Research Assistant for the Victorian Cerebral Palsy Register. She is also    currently completing her PhD research through the University of Melbourne, looking at the health  service needs of Victorian children with cerebral palsy.