Research process resources: Development of your research project

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Grant writing and management

Government funding bodies and philanthropic trusts and foundations award grants and fellowships/scholarships following a rigorous selection process based on scientific quality, significance, and applicant track record.

With an overall reduction in the funding pool and an increasing number of applications and increasing budget costs for proposed projects, you must be strategic when writing funding applications.

Panels determining these awards may not be familiar with your area or even have a scientific background. Make sure you can engage with a layperson when explaining your idea.

Research question, study design, writing the protocol and analysis planning

The right study design will ensure you are best able to answer your research question. Assistance from a statistician is important for ensuring a robust research question, study design and analysis plan. The protocol is essential for study conduct, analysis and reporting.

The protocol is essential for study conduct, review, reporting, and interpretation. If you are unsure which template is best for your study, please email us at .

Research oversight

Clinical Research Development Office (CRDO) resources

Budgeting and Contracts

Research projects must be appropriately costed to ensure the department and the instituted are protected.