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Bruce Lefroy Centre

Established in 2003 through the generosity of the Lefroy family and friends, the Bruce Lefroy Centre conducts research into genetic diseases. The mission of the Bruce Lefroy Centre is to create knowledge that will benefit individuals, families and communities affected by genetic conditions.

The Centre is co-directed by Martin Delatycki and Paul Lockhart and is made up of two research groups:

The Centre has a focus on research into genetic diseases that affect the nervous system as well as research into genetic testing, ethics in clinical genetics and study of genetic syndromes.

Throughout its history, the Centre has launched a number of ground breaking studies and has contributed to worldwide knowledge of genetics, helping countless children and their families, with projects including the Accelerated Gene Identification Program. The team has made major discoveries and is developing better treatments for conditions like Ataxia, Brain Malformations, Friedreich ataxia and haemochromatosis. These results are helping us to diagnose conditions faster, develop new treatments and provide better, more comprehensive counselling to families.