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Infection and Immunity

Researchers in the Infection and Immunity theme work to address important infectious diseases and immune and allergy problems that impact children both locally and globally.

The research topics within the theme are broad, including childhood respiratory disease (pneumonia, tuberculosis, cystic fibrosis), gastrointestinal disease (rotavirus and other enteric viruses, mucosal immunology, Helicobacter pylori), neglected tropical diseases (scabies, rheumatic fever, parasitic diseases), maternal and neonatal infections, vaccinology (vaccine discovery, vaccine clinical trials and evaluation, vaccine safety), infectious diseases modelling, operational and public health field research, clinical infectious diseases, immune therapies (peanut allergy, non-specific effects of BCG), investigation of how infections affect future health (especially cardiovascular health) among others.

Many of the research areas in the Theme have particular relevance to disadvantaged populations, especially in low and middle income countries, and the Theme has an established track record and emerging program in Global Child Health. 

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