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Melbourne Children's Education, Training and Resources

For research resources and an overview of the research process - See the  “Launching Pad”. This will guide you through each of the major stages of a research project, and connect you to the key supporting departments across the Melbourne Children's campus.

Education and Training - Melbourne Children’s (RCH, MCRI & UoMP) provides a range of regular courses and seminars for education and training in research. These training opportunities are led by experts who provide key insights into becoming an effective researcher. Topics cover statistics, data management, ethical principles in research, scientific writing and software skills and many more. You can find the course that best suits you by clicking on the appropriate links below. 


Research Methods

CEBU provides a comprehensive range of short courses in clinical and population health research methods. This program includes a sequence of three courses covering key principles and basic statistical methods, workshops on data management, and computer-based courses on recommended software tools (Stata, R and REDCAP). 

Clinical Research: Skills and Practice

For training on literature searching, referencing and other library support – refer to the RCH Library site

Click here to access further information on the below workshops.

  • The Ethics Review Process – what you need to know
  • Informed Consent Essentials
  • Good Clinical Practice = Good Research Practice
  • Budgeting for Research 
  • Safety oversight, monitoring & reporting
  • Monitoring clinical trials 


Off-campus: Opportunities

For courses conducted in cost-effectiveness analysis, health economic evaluation and health program evaluation check the courses conducted by the Centre for Health Policy, School of Population and Global Health, UoM.

Qualitative Research training and resources

Monash University conducts a short course "Qualitative Research Methods for Public Health". 

The University of Melbourne hosts a site with resources specifically for qualitative research.

The International Insitute for Qualitative Methodology (University of Alberta, Canada) sometimes conducts workshops in Melbourne on specific aspects. They also conduct webinars that are freely available. 

Career Development in Research

The University of Melbourne, Melbourne Research Office and The Melbourne School of Graduate Research conduct a number of career development programs including: Go8 Future Research Leaders(FRLP); Workshop for Early Career Researchers; Start of Career Researchers; Professional development & training workshops for Graduate Research Supervisors; and Supervisor Training.

Graduate Programs in Clinical Research

The University of Melbourne (School of Melbourne Custom Programs) has a number of graduate programs in clinical research including the Specialist Certificate in Clinical Research (Neuroscience), Specialist Certificate in Clinical Research and Specialist Certificate in Biomedical Research Management.

Short Courses in Research Methods (Quantitative)

The General Practice and Primary Health Care Academic Centre offers short courses in various aspects of research methodology and capacity for health professionals, students, academics and others. These courses are taught by highly experienced researchers from the Academic Centre, and provide the opportunity to gain valuable skills in research including recruitment, interviewing, analysis and dissemination that can be applied in a range of healthcare settings.

Basic Science Training

This training is available to and mandatory for University of Melbourne staff/students only. Speak to your HR representative about this.

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