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Aboriginal Families Study

Research project
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The Aboriginal Families Study is a prospective mother and child cohort study investigating the health and wellbeing of 344 Aboriginal children and their mothers living in urban, regional and remote areas of South Australia. The study was developed in response to gaps in the available evidence to inform health policy and services, and was preceded by extensive consultation with Aboriginal communities and services in South Australia.

The study is being conducted by the Intergenerational Health Group at MCRI in partnership with the Aboriginal Health Council of South Australia, the South Australian Health and Medical Research Institute and the University of Adelaide.

Major areas of focus include:

  • Maternal health and wellbeing
  • Children’s health, wellbeing and development
  • Engagement with health services
  • Connections to family, community, culture and language.

The study is guided by an Aboriginal Advisory Group set up under the auspice of the Aboriginal Health Council of South Australia in 2007. The Advisory Group meets 5-6 times a year to guide the development, conduct, interpretation, dissemination and translation of research findings.