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Stata Short Courses

Please refer to the prerequisites before registering for these courses.

  • 12-13 March 2020 (Sold out)
  • 22-23 April 2020 (This course will be offered in an online mode, see below for more details)
  • 03-04 June 2020
  • 21-22 September 2020
  • 26-27 October 2020

Stata I is usually run in the computer lab on site at RCH.
Until it is possible to run the course face to face again, we will be offering the course in the following format:
•    The course will run on the 2 scheduled days
•    A week prior to the course all students will be provided with a temporary licence to allow them to install and run Stata on their home computer.
•    The day before the course, the course notes and required files (Stata files and Excel files) will be made available for students to download.
•    Our course co-ordinators are recording a series of short videos between 5-10 minutes which support you to systematically work through the course notes. These will also be available for download the day before the course.

On each day of the course, one of our course co-ordinators will do brief introduction for the day via Zoom, and then you can work through the course notes and view the instructional videos at your own pace.

The Zoom meeting line will be open and if you have questions, you can re enter the Zoom meeting and ask for assistance. Our course co-ordinators will be available from 9.30-4.30 (last questions at 4pm) on both days of the course. 

In addition, support for Stata 1 will be available for up to a week after the course. A contact email for a course co-ordinator will be provided at the zoom session. Once your email has been received a course co-ordinator will get back to you (during business hours) via email, or organise a Zoom catch up if necessary.


  • Computer file management within Microsoft Windows, e.g. how to recognise different file types by their extensions and how to move files between directories (N.B. although Stata is available for other platforms such as Macintosh, the courses are Windows-based). 

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  • 7-8 July (Course date changed from 23-24 June 2020)
  • 16-17 November 2020

Two days building on Stata I to cover data cleaning and basic data analysis.

This course is designed for people who have completed our Stata I course or equivalent.  It assumes participants will feel confident using basic commands in Stata, and creating log-files and do-files. The focus of the course is on learning to apply Stata in statistical analysis.  As this is not a statistics course participants are expected to have a basic knowledge of statistics, at least at the level of our Introduction to Biostatistics course.

Course details
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