Introduction to R

Introduction to the R software
Date: 19 - 20 July 2022 


  • Day 1: 9.30am - 4.30pm 
  • Day 2: 9.30am - 4.30pm 

Venue: Online via Microsoft Teams (please provide a work or student email in your registration, no Gmail or Hotmail etc).

Duration:  2 days

University of Melbourne
This course is delivered by Clinical Epidemiology and Biostatistics Unit (CEBU), a working partnership between MCRI and the University of Melbourne.


  • The course runs on 2 scheduled days
  • The Friday before the course, the course notes and required files (R files and Excel files) will be made available for students to download.
  • Our course coordinators have recorded a series of short videos between 5-10 minutes which support you in systematically working through the course notes. These are available on Teams for the duration of the course.
  • One-on-one video chats on Thursday and Friday of the week of the course via request.

On each day of the course, one of our course coordinators will do a brief introduction for the day via Teams, and then you can work through the course notes and view the instructional videos at your own pace.

Instructors will be available from 9.30-4.30 (last questions at 4 pm) on both days of the course to help you with any questions or difficulties you are having with working through the material. 


  • $250.00 for internal applicants ** Melbourne Children’s campus staff (MCRI, RCH and Uni Melb Dept of Paediatrics)
  • $590.00 for external full-time students 
  • $590.00 MACH-affiliated clinical fellows (please enter institution name)
  • $900.00 for external applicants with no appointment on Melbourne Children’s campus 

Course details

The course aims to introduce the basics of the R software environment including the graphing capabilities of R using the graphics package within the RStudio environment.

A demonstration of other graphing packages (e.g., ggplot2) will also be provided briefly.   

The following topics are included in this course:

  •  Importing tab or comma-delimited data into R
  •  Importing Excel, Stata and SPSS data into R
  •  Inspecting and listing the data in an R object 
  •  Changing data and creating new variables
  •  Generating simple descriptive statistics for data
  •  Creating and customising various graphs including scatterplots, histograms, boxplots, barplots and graphs of estimates with confidence intervals
  •  Using a script file to run a sequence of R commands
  •  Installing R packages and updating R  
  •  Using the R Help system

The course is designed for beginning researchers but it assumes familiarity with computer file management within Microsoft Windows.  For example, how to recognise different file types by their extensions and how to move files between directories.   Please note: although R is available for other platforms such as Macintosh, the course will be windows-based.

Students will be provided with: 

  • Comprehensive course notes, including answers to all exercises
  • Files required for course exercises
  • Training videos that work systematically through the material in the course notes (available for the week of the course)
  • Quick access to tutors for the 2 days of the course
  • One-on-one video chats on Thursday and Friday of the week of the course via request. 

Payment and registration

Please note: in general this is a two-step process, you must arrange payment & then register on Trybooking

Payment via Unimarket(for internal MCRI staff only):

  1. Payment must be made via Unimarket. Staff must not make credit card payments and seek reimbursement from an MCRI cost centre as this is not permitted.
    Access Unimarket or from the MCRI intranet homepage. Log in and search for CEBU as a supplier. Click on CEBU courses and add the required course to the shopping cart the CEBU course/s you wish to enrol in. The GL account for training is 34460. Instructions on using Unimarket are on the intranet. Once your Cost Centre manager approves it, CEBU will email you with the promotional code to register for the course.

  2. Registration: Use the code obtained in Step 1 to register for the course on the Trybooking site 
    Note: your place in the course is not confirmed until you have registered via Trybooking.

Payment by invoice (for RCH employees and approved external organisations):

  1. Email us providing full details of your name, organisation name and the name and email address of the person responsible for payment.  Include the course name and date (many of our courses are run multiple times) and the cost of the course.

  2. CEBU will issue the invoice and then provide you with a code so you can register for the course on the Trybooking site.

  3. Registration: Use the code obtained at Step 2 to register for the course on the Trybooking site 
    Note: your place in the course is not confirmed until you have registered via Trybooking.

Payment by credit card: Proceed directly to Trybooking and follow the prompts to make payment.and register. Please note there is a Trybooking fee of 50 cents per registration which will be applied when you register online.

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Cancellation of registration: You can apply for a refund or request to change the course session to a different date, pending availability, within 7 calendar days prior to the course start date. No refunds or credits will be issued for cancellations or non-attendance after this time. 


Fiona Snashall or Julie Perkins

Clinical Epidemiology & Biostatistics Unit (CEBU)
Murdoch Children's Research Institute
The Royal Children's Hospital
Flemington Road

T: 9345 6368 (Fiona Snashall or Julie Perkins)