Researchers who are interested in accessing BRACE trial data and/or samples can request access in two ways.

Option 1: Vivli Pathway (option available April 2025)

The BRACE trial will upload de-identified participant-level trial data on Vivli, a global clinical research data-sharing platform in 2023. Due to embargo restrictions, this data will be publicly available by April 2025. 

To access BRACE trial data, you can submit a data request to Vivli.

Data requests are reviewed by The Wellcome Trust Independent Review Panel and applicants will be required to execute a Vivli Data Use Agreement prior to receiving trial data.

Option 2: Direct Pathway 

The Direct Pathway is most suitable for BRACE trial data and sample requests.

To receive the BRACE Data and Sample Access Request forms, please submit your expression of interest to the email below. 

Approved data and sample requests made via the Direct Pathway will incur cost recovery fees. The costs incurred will be dependent on the complexity of the data and/or sample request, sample shipping and the return or destruction of data/samples. 

A BRACE authorship statement will be provided for your information.

The applicant will be required to execute an appropriate research agreement with Murdoch Children’s Research Institute prior to receiving trial data or samples.

Brace direct data and/or sample request review and approval pathway

  1. Submit expression of interest for BRACE data/samples
  2. Project application reviewed and approved by BRACE
  3. Data transferred and/or samples shipped
  4. Data and samples tested and results analysed
  5. Completion of BRACE progress reports

Contact information

For more information or to discuss the best option for your data and/or sample request, please email your enquiry to: