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Stem Cell Core Facilities

In 2014, with support from the Stafford Fox Medical Research Fund, the Murdoch Children's Research Institute established an induced Pluripotent Stem Cell (iPSC) Derivation core facility to support its Stem Cell program.  The availability of this service has accelerated MCRI stem cell research by facilitating the derivation and distribution of induced pluripotent stem cell lines, including lines derived from patient cells.  In April 2017, MCRI introduced a new Gene Editing facility offering CRISPR/Cas9 services to meet growing demand for gene corrected, targeted mutation and reporter lines.  

The MCRI Stem Cell Core operates on a fee-for-service basis to provide researchers with customised iPSC derivation and genome editing based on the latest cutting-edge stem cell technologies.  Services are available for both internal and external clients.