Molecular Immunity

Research area:  Infection and Immunity

To understand the early cellular and molecular origins of childhood health and complex disease.

Our group applies genetic, environmental cellular and molecular analyses to understand how genes and environment interact in early life to modify the risk of developing a range of non-communicable diseases in children and adults. We aim to understand disease mechanisms and identify biomarkers for improved diagnosis and risk stratification of childhood complex disorders.

Our goal is to understand how exposures interact with underlying genetic variation to ‘program’ later health and complex disease risk via cellular and molecular mediators, including epigenetics. We do this by integrating environmental, genetic, other ‘omic and phenotypic data to:

  1. Understand aetiology and,
  2. Identify biomarkers with clinical utility for predicting outcome, effective targeting and monitoring of interventions.

Our focus is on immune and inflammatory conditions, and we are applying a state-of-the-art analysis pipeline to a series of unique, mostly longitudinal, cohorts with extensive exposure and outcome data, plus deep biospecimens.